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Gazette & Coo

There’s no escaping the spotlight when you’re born camera ready.  And you have to admit: only celebrities look this glamorous whilst doing community service.  Guess it’s only asking for paparazzi to take some snapshots. 

We love it when people take the time to admire and photograph our Coos.  However, we’d like to send out  a well meant “thank moo” to the press for taking the time and effort to dedicate a few words on our Highland cattle too.

After all it’s not just show business.  We appreciate how our animals are valued for  their contribution to sustainable nature management in times where concepts like “climate change” and “carbon-neutral” are more pressing than ever.

That way their small ecological footprint makes a bigger impact.


Natuurpunt / – edit juli-augustus-september 2021

Natuurpunt Dilbeek / Facebook – 16/10/2021

Natuurpunt Dilbeek / Facebook – 24/12/2021

Culinaire Ambiance – november 2021

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