Isobel "Ella"

[ɪ-zəʊ -BEL]

Isobel is a girl’s name.  Originating form Hebrew, it means “God’s promise” or “pledged to God”.   It is a variant of the more Anglicized name Elisabeth.

We chose the name because it links to Ysolde en because Ella was such a pretty (“Belle” in Frech) calf at birth.

In Spanish, the word ella means “she” of “her” so the name Ella can be considered to mean “girl” or “feminine” as well.  The name Ella is an English name of ancient Germanic origins.


Beautiful girl of Ysolde

born 01/05/2022

Dam: Ysolde of Heilan Coo

Sire: Mungo of Heilan Coo