Honey, let's get a cow

A Heilan Coo? A what? What were we thinking? What brought us to make a career out of nature grazing? As is often the case, it all grew out of a hobby, a fad even. How nature can become a full time job… For human and animal.

So where you from?

Scotland. The land of kilts and tartans. Of whisky and bagpipes. Of castles, Loch Ness and the Highlands. Of warriors, legends and myths. The land of Heilan Coos. But how did this fluffy Highlander become a Scottish icon?

Never a bad hair day

Heilan Coos are effortlessly chic and they make it look so easy: that “I just woke up like this”-look, no frizzy hair in the rain and lashes for days. They wander every terrain, mud or rock with swaying hips as if they’re walking the runway. But it’s not all cosmetic. How did the Scottish Highlander adapt to the rugged nature of the Highlands?

Step into our office

There are only hard workers in the team of Heilan Coo. Whether they are working as a flexi-job or with a permanent contract, our Highlanders are versatile and efficient. Nature reserve management is their craft. But exactly what does conservation grazing mean? And what is the code of conduct when the occasional stroller visits the office of our grazers?

Looking to relocate

Put a bull with a cow and you'll get calf fever... Unfortunately we cannot keep all of our Heilan Coos. In order to keep our fold healthy and manageable, we regularly sell some of our animals.

Coo(l) facts

Too coo(l) for school… You’d be suprised to read these facts about Heilan Coos.

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